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The problem with today’s Children is the shocking amount of exercise they undertake every day that is None. The rise of television, smartphones, computers and digital media has ensured that there is an overwhelming chance that your child turns out to become a couch potato, spending his entire day lying on the sofa munching on snacks and watching the television. Enter the indoor trampoline for kids. The indoor trampoline for kids is a toned down version of the much larger trampoline that is more usually used outdoors.

The indoor trampoline aimed specifically at children intends to make them active both physically and mentally. Your child could now spend hours jumping on the trampoline to their heart’s content. The devices come equipped with safety features that ensure that your wards do not hurt themselves while using the trampoline. So, it’s time that you make sure that rainy days are not spent at home glued to a digital screen but instead spent in a fruitful manner that enriches and empowers your child in ways more than one.

There are however, a few things I would like to reassure parents before I begin. Indoor trampolines now come equipped with a host of safety features that ensure that your child shall be safe. These include things like safety nets and handle bars. In spite of that like any other physical sport, even trampolines come with their fair share of danger for injuries and you can never be too careful. Just follow the golden rule of always keeping an eye on your ward when they are using the trampoline and never allow multiple users at the same time on the trampoline





Weight Capacity

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Fold & Go

The Original Toy Company 

150 lbs

60″ Seaside Adventure


100 lbs

Little Tikes 7

Little Tikes


48″ Little Bounce Bouncer


110 lbs

Unlike the comparatively easier job of selecting a trampoline for adults, trampoline for kids is a whole other ball game. Kids not only want features but also are extremely conscious of various other factors like color, design, and overall looks. To your child, the trampoline is more than a toy to play with. It’s a part of his life. Naturally, the geniuses at work, designing these trampolines have a hard task amalgamating all these factors into a single device. Here’s a list of potential trampolines that I deem to be safe and enjoyable for your kids. However, safety and other features aside let your child have the final say. Matters of the head should never interfere with matters of the heart.

The Original Toy Company Fold & Go

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There are a few devices that are made so right that you could rarely go wrong with them, The Fold & Go Trampoline is one of them. The greatest advantage of the trampoline as the name suggests is the fact that it can be folded and packed away, thereby saving a lot of living space in your house. The straps of the trampoline are of high quality and tend to be durable.

Kids with special needs can safely bounce on this trampoline. For added safety, a round safety pad is available along with the trampoline that can be attached to it. To sum it up there’s a reason why Old is Gold and the Fold & Go trampoline just proves the axiom right again.

Skywalker 60″ Seaside Adventure

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When it comes to trampolines Skywalker has a well-founded reputation for being the last word. The same holds true in this segment also. The trampoline has a weight capacity of 100 pounds. Like its competitor the Fold & Go trampoline, the Skywalker Seaside adventure trampoline has done away with the metal springs and instead relies on a bungee cord. 

Though bungee cord tends to be less durable than metal springs it makes the trampoline lighter and safer. However installing the trampoline is a sticky bit of work. The instruction booklet provided along with the trampoline is difficult to follow, however, once you have assembled it is rest assured that your child is guaranteed to have hours of fun.

Little Tikes 7′

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The Little Tikes Trampoline is a classic inversion of how sometimes money goes a long way into procuring happiness. Yes, the trampoline may be a bit over the range for some and that quite limits its customers. However, do read on to be wowed. 

The Little Tikes was initially pitted as a competitor against the Skywalker, however, it has turned out to be a more encompassing than its competitor. The Trampoline is made keeping in mind the insane rate at which kids grow old and so it is versatile enough for toddlers as well as older kids. The device boasts a better weight capacity and its unique shape gives a larger area for the kids to jump about. The jumping mat offers some genuine bounce and the entire structure is extremely sturdy, although the price might be a little on the expensive side for some. The trampoline is a good option but only if you can afford it.

Bazoongi 48″ Little Bouncer

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The trampoline sports a well thought out sturdy design with a weight capacity of 100 pounds. However, adults or teenagers are advised against jumping on it. The trampoline has metallic springs which could pose a hazard, however, the extremely good padding offers good precaution against that. The assembly is very easy as well. 

Keeping in mind that the trampoline will be used indoors, the device is made in a way that children do not jump up very high. While some would argue that this feature takes the fun out of jumping, one can just never be too careful when it comes to safety. Can they?


The indoor trampoline is usually aimed at students belonging to the preschool age and before you decide to invest in a trampoline to gift someone or buy for your own ward, there are some features that you should keep in mind that will help you make a better and more informed decision while buying an Indoor trampoline.

The Function of the Bar

There are broadly two types of trampoline available for children in the market- without and without the bar. The bar is basically a protruding stand like the support that your child can hold on to while jumping. The bar thus gives the child a greater amount of support and assures that he or she is not rudely knocked over. The stand thus increases the safety standards of the trampoline

Unfortunately, sometimes what is very helpful could also turn out to be equally dangerous. The protruding nature of the bar means that there is always a chance that your child might their head on it and injure themselves seriously. The same holds for any body part be it legs, hands or chin. The fact that the bar is usually made from steel only increases the worry that there might be a possible accident waiting to happen.

Going Bar-less

With the growing concern among parents that the bar which used to support the child may actually end up causing injuries there entered the bar-less Indoor trampoline. This type of trampoline, as the name would evidently suggest, is devoid of that very singular bar. What it instead does is put up an enclosure around the trampoline which basically ensures that while jumping your ward does not actually fall out of the jumping mat area. Other safety features employed are using extensive padding, using elastic strand instead of metallic springs and designing the jumping mat in such a way that it does not facilitate high jumps.

There are obviously security loopholes like most models have a small space between where the jumping mat ends and the enclosure begin. However, there are brands like Skywalker who have the area zipped for better protection.

Advantages of Using an Indoor Trampoline for Kids

While among other things, the trampoline might teach your kids how to jump and even make up for an apt Christmas or birthday gift, there are actually various health benefits a child acquires by using the Indoor Trampoline

Firstly, your children will eventually have a better control of their motor abilities because, with each jump that they make, their brains work faster and faster in ascertaining balance and thereby, helping the user with faster reflexes and better motor abilities. Secondly, the rhythmic nature of the jumping ensures that your child becomes conditioned to a particular kind gymnastic ability and this, in turn, increases their stamina and keeps them fitter. Thirdly, your child at an early age developers the understanding that exercise can be fun and a good habit such as this developed at an early age can only go on to bloom forth as they get older.


While your toddler may actually benefit from an indoor trampoline, it is imperative to make sure that your ward is protected against injuries. Given that the jumping is done indoors, makes sure that there is a lot of clear area around the trampoline. Always keep an eye on your children while they are jumping on a trampoline. An indoor trampoline offers endless possibilities of fun, especially on days when it is raining outside and once you procure a trampoline and get your child hooked on to it, rest assured that fun is a constant companion in a general experience of enjoyment.

  • January 5, 2018
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