Best Little Tikes Trampolines – Reviews of the Top Models of 2018

Every parent wants to see their children healthy and active. It’s true that children who are active are usually happier. They also have better grades and have less health problems overall. But the challenge for some parents is finding a safe and fun way to get their children active and exercising.

But did you know that simply jumping and playing on a trampoline is exercise? It’s a good way for your child to raise their activity level. Not only are they great for exercise, they are also extremely safe. Trampolines for children are much less bouncy than their larger counterparts built for adults. And the best part is, for children it’s just a game – not exercise.

Little Tikes is well known for their kids toys and products of all sorts. As a parent, I know first hand how much research and energy goes into deciding on purchases for our children. We want something safe, meaning it has to be well built. It also has to be kid friendly, something our children actually want to play with. To make your decision easier, read on to find the Best Little Tikes Trampoline Reviews.

BEST LITTLE Tikes Trampolines - Comparison Chart




Weight Capacity

Editor's Rating

Our Review

Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

Little Tikes

55 lbs

Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline

Little Tikes

105 lbs

Little Tikes 14 Feet Huge Bounce

Little Tikes

175 lbs

Little Tikes 10′ Sports

Little Tikes

175 lbs

Little Tikes 7′ Climb ‘N Slide

Little Tikes

105 lbs


Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

Editor's Rating:

This is a classic style mini-trampoline that’s well suited for toddlers and younger children. Part of what makes this such a great trampoline for toddlers is the low ground clearance. I found it low enough that most kids will feel confident stepping on and off as well as jumping at this height. 

The stability bar is another nice touch for extra comfort and peace of mind, too. Assembly for this one is straightforward, as the five legs screw securely into the base/mat. It uses an elastic mat, as opposed to bungee or springs. I think it’s a good material for this age group.

This trampoline is for indoor use only. Since it’s not big and bulky like outdoor trampolines, it’s easy to move around from room to room. Another benefit of having an indoor model like the Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline is you never have to worry about weather ruining your good time. Besides, we all know taking a toddler aged child to the park for exercise is much harder than it sounds.

  • Great size for toddlers
  • Balance bar provides extra support and heft
  • Low ground clearance
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Elastic mat
  • It’s not made for outdoor use
  • For toddlers and small children only

Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline

Editor's Rating:

Think of this trampoline as the big brother to number 1. This a bigger model and unlike the first Little Tikes trampoline, this was built for outdoor use. It is robustly built with safety in mind. The short base gives the trampoline a low center of gravity. Steel poles and netting form an enclosure around the trampoline to prevent anyone from falling off. And just to be safe, the poles and springs are thickly padded.

If room permits, this trampoline can certainly be used indoors as well. While it’s sturdy and built to handle the outdoors, it’s not very heavy or bulky, so it’s not to difficult to move around. I could see this being a huge hit at sleepovers if it were set up in a playroom or basement. Fortunately, this trampoline is built to be really safe.

  • Can accommodate a large age range
  • Sturdy design for outdoor use
  • Steel poles and netting forms a safety enclosure to prevent falls
  • Springs and steel poles are padded for safety
  • Solid base to prevent tipping
  • Assembly may take some time
  • Too big to use indoors for some homes

Little Tikes 14 Feet Huge Bounce Trampoline with Enclosure

Editor's Rating:

Little Tikes turned it up a notch with this trampoline. This is a large, fully enclosed trampoline for outdoor use. This trampoline uses foam wrapped steel poles, along with a durable netting, to form a safety enclosure tall enough even for a high bounce. It manages to bring the classic Little Tikes style in a much bigger package.

My favorite part of this trampoline is how much thought went into making it safe. Every bit of exposed metal is covered by a foam padding, and the springs are completely concealed too. Knowing this is a bigger trampoline with bigger bouncing, it’s nice to see safety has remained important.

  • Large bouncing area
  • Fully enclosed with netting
  • Foam padding to protect any exposed metal
  • Sturdy design
  • Convienent shoe holder
  • Not recommended for toddlers
  • Assembly may take some time

Little Tikes 10′ Sports Trampoline

Editor's Rating:

For the young ballplayer, the Little Tikes 10′ Sports Trampoline has a fun addition: a basketball hoop mounted on a support pole. A basketball hoop opens up a whole new door for playing and exercise for your children and their friends. Kids love jumping high on the trampoline and dunking, or practicing their jump shot.

Otherwise this is a classic, respectable outdoor trampoline. It’s smaller than Number 3, yet still big enough for older children. It also uses thick foam padding to cover all exposed metal areas that could risk injury. Instead of steel, a hard molded plastic is used for the support poles. This keeps the weight down while still providing plenty of strength.

  • Mounted basketball hoop
  • Large jumping area
  • Thick padding for safety
  • Support poles and netting for full enclosure
  • Lightweight but robust materials
  • Mat is not as bouncy as others
  • Plastic over metal raises some longevity concerns

Little Tikes 7′ Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline

Editor's Rating:

If we called the Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline a ‘big brother’, then the Little Tikes 7′ Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline would definitely be the ‘grandfather’. And grand it is. 

Not only is this a trampoline, but it also features a ladder and a slide that connect right to the side. It’s a great choice to promote exercise, combining the benefits of climbing and jumping. It has an entrance on each side. One for the slide and one for the ladder.

The frame is made with a sturdy, molded plastic and is fully enclosed with netting. Padding protects all exposed metal including the springs. The connection between the frame and the ladder/slide is padded as well.

  • Fully enclosed
  • Attached slide and ladder
  • Molded plastic frame
  • Padding and protection for the frame and metal pieces
  • Two entrances
  • Great for exercise
  • Assembly includes many parts
  • The slide is small

What to Look For

Keep these factors in mind when looking for a Little Tykes Trampoline.


It’s natural to have safety concerns with considering buying your child a trampoline. As parents, we tend to think the imagining our children flying off the trampoline and ending up with broken bones. It may be silly, but the thoughts remain.

Accordingly, you’ll want to pick a trampoline that is totally safe. There are a few safety features most trampolines have. Nearly all medium and large size trampolines are fully enclosed with netting that connects to the frame. The netting will prevent kids from falling or jumping off accidently. Most smaller trampolines sit low on the ground for easy access, and many use a support bar to help younger children.

For trampolines of any size, padding is important too. The metal parts of a trampoline, especially the springs, can be sharp or rough. They aren’t pleasant to come in contact with, especially jumping or falling into them. For trampolines using support poles, having a thick padding around them is important too.


Picking the right trampoline is all about picking what’s best for your personal situation. Different trampolines are for different ages. Also consider activity levels and personal interests. For example, number 4 on my list, Little Tikes 10′ Sports Trampoline, has a basketball hoop that connects to the frame. For a young basketball fan, this transforms his trampoline into a basketball court full of slam dunks. Other times, like with the Little Tikes Climb ‘N Slide, an outside the box idea transforms a regular trampoline into a near jungle gym. Adding a slide and ladder creates more activity and keeps kids interested longer.


It’s also about finding the right size trampoline for your children. You don’t want to go too big, especially for young children, as they are usually bouncier and made for bigger kids. Plus, a bigger trampoline that’s harder to climb onto and sits high may be intimidating for a smaller child. At the same time you don’t want to get a trampoline too small, so it’s best to find one that you feel your child can grow into. Ideally, a trampoline can serve for a great source of exercise and fun for years to come.


Indoor trampolines tend to be lighter and smaller than their outdoor counterparts, and usually are designed for younger children or toddlers. As such, they are often less bouncy. They also sit lower to the ground compared to outdoor models. Generally though, indoor models are much easier to assemble and move around if needed.

Outdoor trampolines are usually bigger, bouncier and require more assembly. They’re usually made with heavy duty plastic or metal. Once once they are set up, they are more stationary than indoor models. Most have advanced safety features like netting and padding to prevent falling off. They’re great exercise for kids of all sizes.

The Bottom Line

All of the trampolines I reviewed have their own benefits. And they each serve a purpose, so hopefully parents of all ages can find the right model for them. As kids become less and less active thanks to video games, social media etc, it’s great to have a fun way to keep them active. Trampolines are great for that purpose, as they provide the benefits of exercise and all the fun a kid could want.

  • March 17, 2018
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