Best Mini Trampoline for Kids & Toddlers – Buyers’ Guide

I bet you find it a very difficult job to make your kids understand the necessity of fitness and exercise. Well, here’s an easy solution for you – get a mini trampoline for your toddlers and kids now! Your child will have a great day while remaining fit. One edge that trampolines give you over any other sport or game is that they can be put up indoors as well, so if the weather outside is not your cup of tea, your child won’t have to miss out on his fun.

Their jumping surfaces are durable and steady enough that they can withstand a lot of skipping up and down. Your children will be able to maintain their balance with the easy-to-grip handlebar that comes with some trampolines. Keeping in mind that this is a game for children, and their extra safety, the whole frame is cushioned. In addition to that, your little ones won’t accidentally step through the bungee cable with the padding that surrounds the springs. A lot of mini trampolines can be easily folded for storage purposes, as with the other toys for kids. Toy companies know that there are a lot of toys in the house of parents with small kids. So you can free up your storage space with these trampolines.

Mini trampolines are a great way to get your kids to become physically active, without making it seem like a burden. Since they are manufactured with the safety of children in mind, they are extremely safe with all their cushioning and padding. They are also a good for giving the kids a great play time. Not only can they jump around on it, it can also be used as a mat for watching television or reading. Not to mention that this will make an absolutely wonderful gift if you happen to be shopping for kids’ toys.

Top MINI TRAMPOLINEs for kids and toddlers




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Pure Fun Kid’s Super Jumper

Pure Fun


Pure Fun 36-Inch

Pure Fun


Skywalker Trampolines 40 In.



Ultega Jumper Trampoline



Little Tikes 7′

Little Tikes


Bazoongi Bouncer



Pure Fun Kid’s Super Jumper Trampoline, 48-Inch

Editor's Rating:

Being a popular choice in the universe of trampolines, this model comes equipped with all of the needs your children could have for their outdoor activities. It would serve as an awesome gift to enhance the physical and mental health of children.

It has a remarkably compact form of only 24.2pounds, considering that it is designed for kids who are more than 3 years old. But don’t make the mistake of assuming that it confines the jumping space of young children. Indeed, a mat that is 48 inches in diameter is undoubtedly wide enough to enable your kids to make several different kinds of bounces. So keep in mind the size of this trampoline, and make sure that you have a space large enough to place it.

It is simple not just in its design, but also in the way you need to set it up. Aside from all the primary components of a children’s trampoline, it also has a 35” padded handlebar for an improved experience in safety and comfort. A big time-saving feature is that it will only take around half an hour of your time to finish with all of its necessary establishment steps. It is a child’s play and you will hardly encounter any difficulties in setting up the structure.

This trampoline can withstand up to 100 pounds of weight. This amazing feature derives from the fact that it uses 42 galvanized steel springs of 3.5” in its construction. Your kid can continue using this trampoline for hours on end. Considering that this is an outdoor trampoline, this would ensure that they get their required fill of outdoor activities as well as put in a good bit of exercise as well.

Pure Fun 36-Inch Kids Mini Trampoline

Editor's Rating:

This is an efficient trampoline for kids between 3 to 8 years, with a weight capacity of 75 pounds. It has all the features you could ever need to improve the overall health of your children. Pure Fun, a popular name in the trampoline market, offers you guaranteed comfort, durability, and safety.

It comes with a colorful frame and pad, in a round shape. This makes it stand out from various other models and draws a lot of young jumpers. It is equipped with a complete set of complementary accessories like all reliable trampolines

This means that this trampoline is undemanding in its design as well as other components. Setting up the trampoline, while following all the mandatory steps, is possible to do in just a little while. There are no additional tools you need to finish the establishment procedure, so, it is in fact very convenient to quickly put together all the components.

You will find a new development in its design – the use of bungee cables rather than springs. Considered among the safest trampolines, it can retain your balance, stamina, and coordination surprisingly well. It has been certified by the GS, TUV, and ASTM for its safety and quality. To enable this, it has a cushioned handle, elastic bungees, safety bar, and a steel frame. The use of PVC materials and steel give it a sturdy frame.

The safety bar lets the kids hold on to it whenever they feel the need, thus ensuring that they won’t fall out. It has a 36-inch diameter space for jumping. It is recommended that you only allow one child at a time to play on its surface, as that’s how it is designed. It lacks only in ladder equipment, but the lightweight design more than makes up for it in its portability.

Skywalker Trampolines 40 In. Round Lily Pad Adventure Bouncer with Enclosure

Editor's Rating:

The amount of famous brands in the trampoline industry could get you a little confused. So here is one model that you can buy for your children without any hesitation whatsoever. Its functioning and design indirectly contribute to the development of mental and physical health of your kids. It has an average weight capacity for holding kids. .

The best features of this trampoline are bound be its light in weight and colorfulness, which are bound to attract kids from all age groups. The trampoline is perfectly safe with its heavy-gauge steel structure and the use of stretch bands and not springs for the bounce factor. A gap free enclosure and a padded stretch cover lets your kids climb into the trampoline mat without any issues.

It boasts of a comprehensive safety model. It comes with a 360-degree handlebar in order to provide more support to the children. Thanks to the zipper enclosed entrance, it sets a safety standard for your child. This secures your little jumpers inside the trampoline to ensure their safety, so there is no need for stressing out even if your kids do fall out of the surface. For those who are prone to mischief, this trampoline is built with a low enclosure surface. So no one can enter below the bouncing mat. You can establish the trampoline properly in about an hour, but you need at least 2 people to do it. It will only prove difficult if you do not follow the instructions properly.

To sum up, the big jumping surface, lightweight design, sturdy frame, easy storage, and safety of this trampoline from Skywalker make it a valuable investment for your children.

Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net

Editor's Rating:

This is counted among the finest models available in the industry today. Its most attractive feature is its unique safety net. It is suitable for kids as well as adults. So the whole family can have a fun experience in the same trampoline!

The 8 padded legs on which the trampoline stands impart stability to it and are quite sturdy. Their padding also adds durability to the trampoline. The base of this trampoline ensures that while in use, the product does not topple over. You can count 72 springs that attaches the amt with the base. This is helpful in conveying the sprightly effect that the product leaves in your spirits even after you’re done jumping for the day. It comes with a weight capacity of 200 lbs. and an age limit of 3 years and above.

Apart from keeping the mat in its place, the safety net encloses the whole jumping area, for both big and small jumpers. The entire frame of the trampoline is composed of galvanized steel frame, thus making it completely weatherproof. So you can keep it outdoors without worrying about the effect on its efficiency. It is made that much more reliable by a warranty period of 2 years, within which you can get any mishaps fixed for free of cost. While purchasing this trampoline, you will be offered a lot of options for accessories that you can buy separately. This includes the trampoline ladder which makes it easier for your child to access the mat without accidents. Moreover, a trampoline rain cover ensures that you can keep your trampoline outside during all seasons. Frame paddings and safety nets offer further security. The enclosure ensures that your child does not fall off. And keep the size of your backyard in mind before buying this model.

You can encourage your child to practice for around 10 minutes on the trampoline. This would be as effective as a rigorous exercise of 30 minutes.

Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline

Editor's Rating:

This is the ideal way to get your kid to burn his or her calories, do exercises as well as have fun, all at the same time. It is a comfortable, safe and efficient trampoline which will give you a complete satisfaction. It is a colorful and big trampoline, which can be availed by toddlers and older children. 

The design is a bit heavier, which can give you problems during movement and storage. But it improves its stability without question.

Several types of supportive equipment are included within the full package. You can make use of its shoe holder, netting, frame, jumping pad, and plastic leg, to name a few. They all work in conjunction to offer you a unique efficiency. The fully cushioned pad protector covers the springs affixed to the trampoline makes it a smooth support, by making it devoid of any sharp parts or exposed metal that could injure your child.

Its bounce is also better than most other trampolines out there, thus offering a lot more enjoyment. There are no surprise components, so you will feel it very convenient to establish this trampoline. This model is, therefore, an exemplary of the perfect harmony between features and designing, which makes its price totally worth it.

It ensures the safety of your child at multiple levels. The safety enclosure of the netting keeps your child from jumping out of the pad. A set of high-end steel poles supplements this durable netting. These factors also play a crucial role in enhancing the sturdiness of its framework. The exceptionally durable pad protectors result in a minimum of injuries that are caused by the jumping process. It can also hold up pretty well under bad climatic conditions and is not easily vulnerable to wear and tear. It can be used for several hours a day without any damage.

Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline

Editor's Rating:

Among the several models of trampolines launched by the renowned corporation Bazoongi, this particular model is one of its best. With a 100 pounds of weight capacity, it can be reliably used both in outdoor as well as indoor settings. It can enhance the balance, stamina, and coordination of your child in a comprehensive manner.

This model from Bazoongi gives you a lot of colors to choose from. This one is startlingly light in weight in relation to many others of the same class. This specific feature improves its portability for storage and transportation purposes.

This trampoline can even fit well enough in your room itself. But this doesn’t limit its functionality in any way, rather its framework is extremely sturdy and has a 48-inch diameter of jumping space to offer you. You can make full use of its straps, cover, handles, frames and galvanized springs. You will easily be able to set it up within a short while, provided you follow the guidelines properly.

The biggest concern of most parents while considering a trampoline for their kids is the safety risk involved, however minimal it may be. But while the average trampoline comes with 4 W-legs, this one is equipped with 6. Hence, you can rest assured of its stability and reliability. The little fingers of your little ones will not get stuck with its galvanized springs.

The best part of this trampoline is its adjustable handles, which make it easier for the children to grip them whenever the need arises. In addition to that, it can be adapted to different heights as your child grows up over time. The various features allow your kids to enjoy different kinds of bounces.

Kinds of Trampolines


These are mostly either rectangular or round, with the steel legs and edges padded. They are ideal for all-around use, which is also why they are a very popular choice.


It is best to go for the kids’ models if you need the trampoline for your children. They are typically small enough that they can be fitted in your room, and have lower weight capacities. The only downside to these is that your kid will outgrow it some point, and then you will need to replace it with a classic one.


They are meant for exercising purposes. They are designed for easy jumping only, so are small in size. This is the kind of trampoline you need if your aim is increasing your fitness level and stamina.

Water Trampolines:

They are enclosed in an expandable vinyl casing and float on water. Once you fix them in their place, they offer a high degree of fun in any water body that is suitable for bouncing.

How to Choose Your Mini Trampoline

Fitness Friendly:

You are bound to feel disappointed if, after investing so much in a trampoline, you find out that the mat tears out, the rebounder springs rupture quickly, and your bounce feels uncomfortable. Moreover, it is a total waste of your money if you cannot even replace the parts of your mini trampoline. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that your mini trampolines are good quality and will last you a whole lifetime.


This should be your first consideration. One reason for that is- it must be small enough so that your toddler isn’t jumping here and there. They will learn how to remain within the well-drawn out boundaries and still bounce to their heart’s desire. The second reason for which size should definitely be a major factor is that you will be using it indoors for most of the duration of their use.

Hence, you need to make sure that it will fit in the room. It’s a wonderful game for your growing kid, and sure as hell better than playing tag and running around with your child. That might just drive you crazy. And if the weather is good, you might want to place it out in the open. So it must be light weight so that more than 2 people aren’t required to complete the job.


The trampoline must come with a handle bar that is securely fastened to its place. Next, make sure that it is stable. You obviously wouldn’t want your child to suddenly fall out, which is totally possible in the case of little kids. Also keep an eye out for any hard surfaces, sharp edges or gaps. You can also check out some customer reviews and safety certifications to know whether they are held up well.


Kids can get really picky about the look of their toys. Usually, understated that subtle colors don’t work for children. They prefer cheerful, bright and festive colors. Their cute little eyes simply shine up with glee by merely looking at their bright colored trampoline. Cartoons and drawings also attract children, as do motifs.


Kids can get harsh on their toys, so the trampoline you choose should be sturdy enough to keep up with their energy outbursts. Even though they will outgrow the trampoline in no time, this is an important factor if you have more than 1 young child. This enables you to pass it on to your next child when the first one has surpassed it. You definitely don’t want a model that breaks apart after only a few months of usage.

Ease of Assembly:

Being able to easily assemble and establish the trampoline is another factor to consider. But most often, Google can show you the way out of any problems you encounter in assembling the product. You should be able to manage between all the reviews that also include tips for setting it up and the assembly videos available on YouTube. And since you won’t be leaving it outdoors, things like resilience to strong winds, rust and UV rays don’t really count.

Other Considerations:

The price is obviously always a major factor, but you generally don’t need to spend too much for a beginner’s trampoline.

Final Verdict

You might get confused with all the amazing choices presented to you for a kid’s trampoline. The best way out would take the help of your child. Let him or her take a look at the pictures of the trampolines you find good and tell you which one they are attracted to. All of the models I have reviewed above are quite safe and can be assembled easily, in order to offer your child many years of aerial delights. Always remember to choose one which is of a size that can fit easily inside your house, so that storage space doesn’t become an issue. So choose the best kids’ trampoline to give your little ones. Check out the assembly videos and read reviews beforehand and you will be all set. Ensure that your kids properly understand all safety guidelines on how to use a trampoline, so that they can be safe while having a lot of fun.

  • January 4, 2018
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