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Are you tired of doing the same old exercises every day? Is gym equipment not your favorite pal? It is time to change this situation and spice up your boring workout regime. Yes, you have probably guessed it right by now. I am talking about a little trampoline. If you are a fitness enthusiast then you must know the importance of a good rebounder.

Contrary to popular belief, a rebounder or a mini trampoline is used not only to have some fun but is also used while exercising. A rebounder is, in fact, a great thing to add to your regular workout and make it super interesting. The entire structure is made of metal with usually six legs and in the center is a tightly stretched surface on which the user is supposed to jump.

There are many different models available in the market and it can be quite tough to buy a good one. And as different people have different needs and requirements, quite a variety of models having different functions can now be seen. Buying the perfect rebounder for yourself can be quite a challenge and if you are going to shell out money, then you must at least invest it wisely in a product that is completely worth it. So, below I will provide you with things you must look at before choosing a rebounder for yourself.


Now, I will briefly mention some of best options available in the market and also explore their key specifications.

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

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I am starting the list of the best rebounder models with this high quality yet affordable rebounder. It has a unique design and the best thing about this product it its portability.

The legs are detachable and the entire structure can be easily folded and can be put in a duffel bag while traveling. The rebounding surface area is 36 inches which will provide you with a lot of space to jump on. It is made of steel and polypropylene, the frame is also covered with vinyl and resistance bands for extra safety to protect the user’s feet.

The heavy duty rebounding surface is designed in such a way that it allows for a great workout by using the person’s body weight and inertia, making it very effective. The cherry on the cake is that this product comes with a one-year limited warranty against defective materials if any used on the frame and a ninety-day warranty on the parts.

JumpSport Fitness Model 200 

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If you are looking for a stylish model that can be a part of your gym equipment, then this glossy black trampoline might be a good option. The rebounding surface is quite large being 39 inches. If you are looking for innovative forms of exercises, this trampoline’s bounding mechanism is perfectly suited for upper body work outs. 

It is featured with cushioned handles for the extra comfort. Further, a black and super sturdy handy adds that much more stability to your exercise. It also allows you to venture into newer forms of exercise, thus widening your scope. Besides the entire point of using a rebounder is to develop versatility in your sessions, right?

MaXimus Pro Gym Rebounder

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If you are interested in some serious exercise then you should consider this model that is specially designed to allow heavy workouts. The legs are foldable so it is easy to carry and store.

It can withstand 130 kilos of weight and it has a very advanced spring system that allows low impact bounce. The material used in its construction is of premium quality and the resounding surface comes with an anti-slip mat ensuring the user’s safety. The workout DVD that is included in the package offers quite an interesting array of exercises and has four different levels. Even though this might seem like an above average option, it does ensure a great workout and the full warranty makes the entire package quite a catch.

Impex Fitness Marcy Cardio 

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Combining the dual features of durability and portability is this trampoline from Impex which has a very convenient size. It can support a weight of 250 pounds and its six supporting legs are quite sturdy. You won’t find the impact on your kness and joints to be too overwhelming while using this trampoline. 

It allows you to workout a wide variety of your muscles, including your cardiac region. Its unique feature is the built-in safety bar that can be used for better balance and to try different kinds of jumps and stretching exercises.

This one is affordable and its two-year warranty makes this mini trampoline a great value for money. Also, this trampoline surface is quite tightly stretched so it doesn’t make much noise and you can enjoy your work-out session in peace.

Pure Fun Mini Rebounder 

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This one is a little heavy but it has quite a large diameter of 38” inches so it provides a lot of space for jumping and trying various other moves.

The entire frame is made of superior materials which is quite solid. If you have a lot of space such an indoor gym where it can be permanently kept then it is a great option as it cannot be carried around easily. There is an exterior trampoline pad which has a lot of cushioning which makes this very safe and reduces the risk of injury even in the case of a fall.

The dual spring system allows the user to jump quite high without affecting the joints. The jump mat is made of polypropylene so it is very durable.

Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder

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The last one on my list is the jack of all trades, it is affordable, durable and a bit heavy. The rebounding surface being 38 inches is exactly appropriate, neither too large nor too small. 

It is made of heavy-duty polypropylene so it will last you a long time. Attached to the legs are two resistance tubes that come with foam handles and can be used for additional exercises. So apart from jumping, you can do various exercises that focus on upper body strength training.

Its most fascinating feature is the electronic monitor that keeps track of all your jumps, the time spent and finally also calculates the total amount of calories burnt. So you know exactly how your workout is going and by keeping count of the jumps, it motivates the user to do more and improves his performance with each passing day.

Buying Guide

Needless to say that you should choose a trampoline that suits your budget and health requirements. Other important factors include:


First things first, you must not compromise with the comfort if you plan to use a rebounder regularly as part of your work-out. A good rebounder will allow you to jump on it barefoot but a rough one will force you to either wear shoes or else run the risk of scraped heels. Even though you might be able to save some bucks by buying one that is not extremely comfortable, it will be much better to pick one that is highly comfortable and provides that much-needed motivation to exercise.


Next thing to keep in mind is the quality of the product. You definitely don’t want a trip to the hospital and using a rebounder can be sometimes tricky. As you will jump a lot on it, the legs should be sturdy enough to support your weight and not accidently break down. The quality of the frame should also be very good because otherwise, it might distort with time and the jumps will no longer be consistent.

Type of Bounce

This one completely depends on the type of exercise you want. If you want to include a lot of cardio in the workout then look for a rebounder that provides a lot of bounce. As the higher you’ll jump, the more calories you will burn. On the other hand, if you are just buying one for a bit of recreation or some light exercise once in a while then the one that is not capable of too much bounce would work well for you.


A huge rebounder will occupy a lot of space and if you don’t have much to spare then look for a more compact model. Additionally, some rebounders can be easily folded so it is easier to store them and can be opened as and when required. If you go for a foldable model, make sure that its mechanism is simple and it remains steady when opened.

Springs and Legs

Lastly, make sure that your rebounder has an adequate amount of springs because only then will it bounce well. The more expensive ones have more springs and if you are a beginner then it is better to get yourself a basic model initially and then move on to a better one if required. Also, the legs should be as sturdy as possible and they should be very firmly attached to the frame.

Benefits of Using a Rebounder

In case you are wondering about the usage and utility of a mini trampoline, let me list some of the things you can do with one and also its amazing health benefits.

  • Improves Balance and Coordination: It allows various muscles such as the cardiac and skeletal muscles to stretch, making them stronger and your body more flexible. The overall muscle mass of your body will increase which will make you stronger and also improve your stamina. And as you will continually try to jump at the same place, it will help you center your focus, thereby improving balance. And if you are an athlete, then using a trampoline will definitely improve and enhance your performance.
  • Weight Loss: If you want to lose weight soon but don’t want to hit the gym then this is a great way to kick start your weight loss journey. Jumping burns a lot of calories effectively and you can explore new workouts and trampoline training sessions which won’t adversely affect your knees or joints. And the best thing is that it isn’t boring at all and you can have a lot of fun while shedding all those extra pounds.
  • Improves Cardio-Vascular Health: One major benefit of using this is that it increases the heart rate and effectively boosts cardiovascular health. The more blood gets circulated throughout the body, the healthier you will be and all that sweat you lose will definitely rid your body of the toxins.
  • Healthier Lifestyle: Finally, the weight loss will not only tone your muscles but also free your body of all extra amount of fat, toxins, and cellulite. Your bones and joints will become stronger over time and you won’t even have to hit the gym for hours to get all this. It can be easily done at the convenience of your own home.

Undoubtedly, a rebounder can be an amazing addition to your personal fitness gear and it can take your fitness game to an entirely new level. Not just inside a gym, a rebounder can be easily kept in your outdoor lawn and you can enjoy some jumps on it while breathing the fresh air. I am sure by now you are convinced that having a rebounder is a must and are already planning to buy one. And as there are so many options available in the market, I will narrow down the choices for you so that you can take a look at a few selected models and then purchase one that is ideally suited to your needs.


I have looked at some wonderful models of mini trampolines throughout the review and it has been established that a good rebounder can add a lot of fun to your mundane daily workout schedule. A one-time investment in a premium quality rebounder can prove to be extremely wise and it will definitely improve your health and overall well-being. Do consider the options mentioned in the review and finally buy a product that is best suited to your particular needs. So, don’t think too much, just go and buy yourself a brand new rebounder today!

  • January 5, 2018
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