Best Rectangular Trampoline – The Everyman’s Buying Guide

While regular buyers may not look twice at the type of trampolines they want to buy for their overactive children, the shape of such a simple device can make a world of difference to an aspiring or a professional gymnast. Let’s take a look at some trampolines that were meant to be enjoyed both by professionals and by the family:





Weight Capacity

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Upper Bounce Fiber Flex

Upper Bounce

500 lbs

Skywalker Trampoline Square


250 lbs

Skywalker 14 feet Rectangular 


200 lbs

Summit 14’


200 lbs

Upper Bounce  “Spacious”

Upper Bounce

500 lbs

Upper Bounce Fiber Flex 

Editor's Rating:

Want a quality trampoline to help you achieve professionalism in the trampoline sports such as gymnastics, or want a change of shape while having fun at the same time? 

Trampolines are both for fun and for a competition, and therefore, you are going to fall in love with this trampoline, with its high-quality design and sturdy body. Upper Bounce Fiber Flex is constructed with steel coated with black and is designed for extra bounce and durability. Assembling is a breeze because it is, in fact, one of the easier ones to assemble quickly. A large bouncing area essentially means you and your family joining in on the fun at the same time.

The strong vinyl material used to design the pole foam sleeves is an excellent feature for it adds even more protection and comfort for the user. If a top quality trampoline made out of strong springs that produce an even higher bounce, the Upper Bounce rectangular trampoline is your best bet. It is bouncy enough for both personal and professional use, so it is a safe bet.

Skywalker Trampoline Square

Editor's Rating:

Designed for an entire family’s enjoyment, this is indeed a very large trampoline. It is not only easy to assemble, but it is also well constructed, so much so that its safety features are unmatched by any other found in the market. 

For a family that wishes to hop into the field and have fun, this trampoline for the Skywalker Trampoline is one of the best. Only the very best materials of high-quality materials are used to construct this material and is built to last for a longer time. It has a sturdy frame with multi-functional components.

All parts of the trampoline are made of durable materials, therefore, it can withstand bad weather conditions. It has 4 U-legs, an enclosure net, and a pad, and because they lack additional tool requirements, the assembling of parts requires only a couple of minutes. It is a sturdy trampoline and is simple both in design and in establishment.

Skywalker 14 feet Rectangular 

Editor's Rating:

Built for the lovers of fun and professionals both, there are very few trampolines comparable with this particular model from Skywalker. It has one of the strongest springs in the market so that it can be occupied with five adults at a time without giving the cause for danger. 

The trampoline is separated into two boxes, so transportation and assembling are easy. It is very safe for kids too, because it is enclosed for added protection. Since the trampoline comes pre-assembled, people with a familiar experience in the assembling of trampolines, no separate set of instructions are needed. With a 6 feet high net, which is firmly attached to the floor, users can have a fun time and stay super safe during using the trampoline for different skills.

Summit 14’ with Safety Enclosure

Editor's Rating:

This trampoline is what we calle an ‘underdog’ in the world of trampolines. While this is not as famous and is mostly overlooked by buyers, this nifty trampoline means serious business when it comes to bounce and safety.

It has an amazing ounce, comparable to the previous trampolines listed above, with a rock-solid that is built to last for quite a while, while also withstanding various weathers. It is very easy to setup and requires no more than two people at a time to set it up quickly. It is great for recreational purposes and budding gymnasts, for those who own it absolutely love it. The Summit brand has always built their trampolines with gymnasts in mind, and this one is no different.

Upper Bounce “Spacious” 

Editor's Rating:

These are one of those hidden gems that everyone remembers and then overlooks, but once purchased, provides fun and satisfaction to their owners. Just as the name suggests, it is easy to assemble, and though not enormous, it is enough for a small sized backyard.

It is also quite durable. Some setup instructions might be confusing, but those with experience should not have any problems. The only problem with this particular specimen is that some products have design defects. But since the percentage is low, it should not deter potential buyers, especially since the owners absolutely rave about it.

Merits of a Round Trampoline

The number one reason why round trampolines are popular is because of several factors. They are smaller in size, and hence, easier to store in the backyard. Round trampolines are also safer as they return the jumper to the center. Even though this does not eliminate the risk of injury, it does make them a little safer.

Merits of a Rectangular Trampoline

Rectangular Trampolines do not have springs that work together to force the jumper into the center of the trampoline, hence, they are free to land anywhere they want to. While choosing to do so might not be completely safe, rectangular trampolines are created with the aim of helping gymnasts. A round trampoline might end up manipulating their practice routines, hence, rectangular trampolines are preferred. This is not ideal for recreational purposes. However, once accustomed to such a model, recreational users often end up preferring it over normal round models.

Popularity of Rectangular Trampolines

While rectangular trampolines are heard of more and more in the recent times, round trampolines are the preferred choice due to the limited supply of the rectangular models. This is because the rectangular market does not focus its attention on a safety net. Save for a few big brands, they are not commonly available. Big brands sell such safety precautions keeping professional gymnasts in mind. Hence, the popularity of rectangular trampolines depends on the market it caters to the professional and budding gymnasts.

Choosing the Correct Trampoline for Your Needs

Choosing the correct trampoline is not always easy, especially when it comes to shape. For first time buyers going in blind, there are important things to keep in mind. Weighing various options and doing a proper amount of research is important. Here’s a list of the things to keep in mind while shopping for the right trampoline:

Weight Limitations

Round trampolines are lighter in weight, with the smallest weighing just 200 pounds and the biggest weighing around 400. Rectangular trampolines, on the other hand, have a standard weight between 300 and 400, which makes it much harder to carry around.


There are several sizes to choose from, and this will depend on the person’s space availability. Trampolines that are 8 feet, 9 feet, or 10 feet, are perfect for a small yard, or a small area. This size is most suitable for a young child. A 12 feet trampoline is great for those people who don’t want their trampolines too big and wants it to accommodate two people at the same time. It is best for average sized yards. 14 feet and 15 feet trampolines are for jumpers who have both money and space to afford such models. It is best suited for situations where lots of people are involved in jumping on the trampoline in a big backyard. Choosing the correct size is an important aspect of trampoline shopping.


Rectangular trampolines are marketed to athletes, therefore, they are made of strong durable materials that last a longer time than round trampolines. If the user is an interested gymnast or a professional one, rectangular trampolines work the best. But if the user is neither a professional nor aspiring to be one, such trampolines are to be avoided. Round trampolines are to be used in the backyard of a home and are much safer overall. Their spring size diminishes the chances of injuries greatly. Beginners on a trampoline are advised to stick to round ones for a risk-free session.


On the rectangular trampolines, only the jumper gets to decide where he or she will land, thus increasing the risk of fall damage, whereas in a round model, the jumper is automatically placed in the center of the trampoline which is much safer. Rectangular trampoline often does not come with an adequate safety net so the chances of slipping off the trampoline are greater. Round trampolines also have a lower bounce than rectangle ones, hence for beginners, once again, this is the safest model.


While the cost of trampolines depends on the size, shape, specifications, materials and added accessories, round trampolines are cheaper than the rectangular ones. Because of the shape, a round trampoline requires less support than a rectangular trampoline, and is easier to build, thereby making it less costly. Rectangular trampolines, on the other hand, have great support and durability, which lasts longer. Their scarcity in the market also raises their prices, along with the fact that they are made for athletes.


A safety net enclosure, commonly called the fun ring, is a netting that hangs around you while you jump to prevent you from falling off the trampoline. There are many safety nets available in the market. However, not all pricier ones are better and sturdier. Researching on your safety nets is an important step while choosing a trampoline. Higher quality trampolines often provide such accessories along with the trampoline itself, but for those which don’t, buying one is essential. It greatly reduces the risk and prevents fatal injuries. In the past, trampoline safety nets were provided separately, and they required fixture brackets for firmly securing them to the trampoline frame. Now, with the availability of safety nets included within the actual product, there should be no doubt as to how to use them.


There are several options available when it comes to choosing a frame. In order to maximize the lifespan of your trampoline, a galvanized steel frame, paired with hammer tone paint finish is your best choice. One thing that must be remembered is the thickness of the frame. The thickness will determine the trampoline’s strength and its stability, therefore, determining how much strength it can properly hold. This is a must if you have a large group of people wanting to bounce on the trampoline at the same time. A collapsing trampoline not only spoils the mood but can also be quite dangerous.

Who Can Use a Trampoline?

The short answer would be, everyone! Anyone can use and enjoy a trampoline, although the minimum age should at least be six years old. Older people with weaker bones should also avoid the trampoline. People with feet or hip injury will also do better to stay away from the trampoline until completely healthy.

Precautions While Using Rectangle Trampolines

There are no hard and fast rules while using a trampoline, however, certain rules or basic sense if you must, should be kept in mind while using the trampoline.

  • The trampoline manual must be read in case of beginners to get started. It often comes with an interesting set of moves, so you can start practising right away!
  • Before beginning the journey of jumping, safety pads, and trampoline enclosure must be firmly placed. They were added to your trampoline for a reason, so use them whenever required.
  • Regularly checking the trampolines for tears and wears, and checking thoroughly before any session is essential to avoid fatal injuries. If the trampoline feels softer and different, step off at once, otherwise, someone might get seriously hurt.
  • Checking if springs are properly attached to the mat and frames should be a mantra for every trampoline enthusiast.
  • Learn the basics of jumping before planning on tricks. It wouldn’t do well to hurt your neck to perform a move you are not confident enough.
  • Always supervise your children while they play on the trampoline. They must be well acquainted with rules and must not carry any liquids with them on the mat.

Final Thoughts

Bouncing on a trampoline is very healthy for kids and adults. First, it is a very fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. Secondly, it is a form of exercise, which is always healthy. Thirdly, it works to increase the metabolism of the body quickly. It also burns fat and moves every muscle in the body, while at the same time working to increase the stamina and balance of the body. As it is a fun, healthy way to take care of your body, no extra convincing is required by the parents of a television addicted child. It’s a win-win situation for all!

  • January 3, 2018
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