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​Life can be unforgiving at times. We all wish to have whatever level of comfort we can, while dealing with the rigorous trials of the day. As such, our lifestyles demand the highest varieties of comfort, while often forsaking the stern whimsies of discipline and professionalism.

​A bungee chair or a trampoline chair is a perfect little addition to our patio or even indoors, where we can safely curl up with a book or our headphones and retreat at our pleasure. However, not just during our off time, but also, if we want to add a zest of comfort to our work ambiance, this would be a casual addition that opens up the decor. A humble accessory, a bungee chair screams casual comfort with its lean and bouncy appeal that is built for lounging to our heart’s content.

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To ensure maximum luxury to the user, these chairs are built with flexibility, as well as durability to stave off harsh weather conditions in mind. As such, I have narrowed down a list of the best possible choices that you could consider if you are looking to buy a trampoline chair:​

Zenithen IC544S-TV04 Bunjo Bunjee Dish Chair

Editor's Rating:

This trampoline chair from Zenithen has a dimension of 25.97” x 32.26” x 32.66” and is capable of bearing up to 225 pounds. The seat is framed by a 600D black rim made of polyester and the stand is built of steel and tubular in form. This provides the chair the required support. The chair itself is netted with cords that hold well and offers portability as well.

Even in its unfolded state, it occupies little space and does not let it collapse under the weight. The chair is known for its durability as well. As a perk, the seat is bouncy and can be stretched to the ground.

The tilted backrest offers good support to your back and you will not experience any pain while using it. It is perfect if used as your garden or patio furniture and looks quite beautiful with its bright teal seating designed in a floral pattern. The compact design further allows it to be used indoor as well.

Coleman ComfortSmart Suspension Chair

Editor's Rating:

This camp side chair can support up to 300 pounds of weight and the flexibility provided by the suspension system offers support to your back. During hot weather, the mesh seat allows passage of air and you can experience a cool and relaxing time. There is even a drink holder provided in the model that allows you to place your beverage whether it is a can, a bottle, glass or cup.

The dimension of this chair, when it is being used, is 40.6” H x 16.9” W x 22.4” D. While folded, it measures up to 9.8” x 11.8” x 46.1”. It is easily foldable and compact which helps storing it easy. It also comes with a polyester storage bag and you can fold it and put it aside till you need it again.

Eurø Style Bungie Low Back Adjustable Chair

Editor's Rating:

This bungee chair is meant for your office. Available in different shades, this chair is equipped with a swivel motion that allows ease of movement. The steel frame is powder coated, a feature which adds to the strength of the chair and the cords are back and round and fitted with nylon. It is fitted with casters at the bottom and the height of the chair can further be adjusted with the help of the gas lift mechanism.

​The reclining feature allows you to tilt back your legs or keep them straight, whichever suits you better. The back supports your neck and back allowing you to relax without dreading a stiff muscle.

However, at 16.8 pounds, it weighs more than the other trampoline chairs. But considering that it is meant for offices more than outdoors, the weight would not be much of a problem.

360DEG Bungee Chair

Editor's Rating:

This is another option from Zenithen and the seat of this chair built with microfiber. The seat is joined to the rim with the help of teal ropes and the entire structure is framed with steel. The cords are woven in a circular pattern and the center is cushioned to provide comfort for long periods. It has a weight capacity of 225 pounds and the dimension when it is assembled is 25.98” x 32.68” x 33.27”.

The solid seat offers more support in this case and you will not have the usual cords cutting into your skin.Along with a stylish appearance, it verily appears like a tilted trampoline with a circular structure and is perfect for your lounge.

What Is a Trampoline Chair?

The very acronym, ‘bungee’ is drawn from its primary building material, bungee cords and bands. Framed with metal or plastic, the seat is woven with bungee bands in a netted fashion with wide spaces, left bare in between, that offers a certain level of breathability to the user.

As mentioned, a bungee chair offers usage in your garden, or owing to its portability, as a picnic accessory and even in your bedroom or office. The roped seating of the chair is built to support the weight of the person and is definitely not as flimsy as they appear. Further, a nylon covering on the frame of the chair increases the longevity of the product. The stand is built of stronger material like steel or plastic that supports the entire structure.

Trampoline chairs can be of different kinds based on their use. For example, bungee chairs meant for lounging in your home are cushioned and add to your interior decor. The seats are made of bands layered with a coat of polyester. The ones that you can find at the picnic or even in gardens, are foldable, allowing the user to carry them around and have a bouncy quality to the seats. Further, they are very reasonable and have a plethora of shapes and sizes to choose from.

These chairs can bear up to 300 pounds and can often be found in game rooms as well. As the primary objective of using a trampoline chair is maximum comfort, they are built for long office hours and allow the person to relax. For people with lower back pain, the mesh built into these chairs improves the airflow and this further allows better blood circulation. These chairs have bouncing bands stretched between the steel handles. Most of these are built with advanced technology and have ergonomic support with the help of a pneumatic lift. They are further built with arm rests.

This means that both the seat and the handles can be fixed to a height based on the user’s comfort. Not just that, but also, the neck, the head, and the back can be adjusted accordingly. Moreover, these chairs are designed for people of all shapes.Recently, they have become pretty popular in office usage and if you are into room decor, these chairs put forth the impact of coordination and style to the environment without infringing on comfort.

Health Benefits of Trampoline Chairs

Unlike normal chairs, ergonomic chairs are built to support the contour of your body, the lack of which is liable to stress while putting in long hours at work. It molds to your body shape. Usual chairs are one of the main causes of incorrect posture in people. An ergonomic chair, on the other hand, provides support to your back and neck. The pneumatic lift allows you to position yourself with your feet touching the ground, knees angled at 90 degrees and parallel to the hips. These modifications automatically rectify your posture.

Traditional chairs rarely offer any sort of support to your neck. If your lifestyle demands you to sit at one place for a long time, it is probable that you will end up with a stiff neck and shoulder. The headrest provided in these chairs offer a support to your neck even while you are stretching. This feature is especially helpful if you are often on the phone for long hours.

Moreover, these chairs provide a backrest that molds to the natural contour of the spine. Those chairs that have a reclining feature permits your body to angle your further into a more comfortable position so that you do not have to sit straight-backed all through.

Normal chairs are hard to sit on and consequently, increase the pressure on your hips. The cushioning provided in bungee chairs provides a depth that allows your buttocks to rest easy.

Thus, it is better to buy chairs that feature seat adjustability. Another important factor to consider is lumbar support. Most office workers are plagued with pain in the lower back. Purchasing chairs that allow ease of movement increases the flow of oxygen and thus, benefits blood circulation to the brain. This, in turn, increases your concentration. The lower back needs to fit against the lumbar support with comfort.

While buying a trampoline chair, you should ensure that the materials that have been used are durable as foams and manmade fibers are prone to damage. The legs, the rim, and the wheels, if there, should be made of steel rather than plastic, as the metal increases the strength.


A trampoline chair is quite the opposite of the stiff-backed, high-end seats that you might usually use in your house. However, as I have mentioned, it offers far more comfort and costs less than half. However, the best feature of a trampoline chair is probably its versatility and ease of use. With all these perks, if you are looking for one, I hope my reviews help you in your choice.​

  • January 2, 2018
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