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The best trampolines, like the best of any product, are made with high-quality materials. Due to the nature of trampolines, if one part isn’t up to par, the rest of the trampoline will suffer too. Therefore, having a sturdy and durable trampoline mat is crucial. If you think about it, it’s most likely the most important part.

It’s not hard to see why having a great trampoline mat is important. Now, picture the wear and tear they are exposed to. They have to be strong and bouncy enough to handle multiple jumpers. But there are other factors at play too. For one, they’re exposed to all sorts of weather. UV rays from the sun, over time, will damage and weaken most materials and trampoline mats are no exception. They also have to withstand the rain, cold, and wind. If you’re like most people, your trampoline stays assembled year round. This leaves it exposed to all of these elements on a daily basis.

And because trampoline mats take so much abuse, it’s inevitable that they eventually need to be replaced. When a mat starts to show it’s age, and develops tears or stretch marks.This means it’s less safe and needs to be replaced. The last thing you want is to be using your trampoline when the mat finally does fail. Usually, the mat is the first part to go when a trampoline starts showing its age.

Picking a trampoline mat isn’t as easy as it sounds. They mostly all look the same, so it’s hard to know what to look for and what separates one mat from another. To make your search a little easier, I’ve created a Best Trampoline Mat guide to show you the top choices in the market today.

BEST  TRAMPOLINE MAT - Comparison Chart





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SkyBound Premium Trampolin Mat


8-15 Ft.

Upper Bounce Trampoline Mat

Upper Bounce

13 Ft.

Upper Bounce Super Round

Upper Bounce

12 Ft.

Mat by Trampoline Pro

Trampoline Pro

8-15 Ft.

15ft JumpKing Premium Trampoline Mat

Sky Bound

15-17 Ft.


SkyBound Premium Trampoline Replacement Mat

Editor's Rating:

SkyBound takes it up a notch from your average mat with their Premium Trampoline Replacement Mat. It’s worthy of being called premium because it uses the highest quality materials possible. The Premium series mats use a special technology called SunGuard. 

This technology shields particularly sensitive areas of the mat, protecting it from harmful UV rays. UV rays tend to be the most damaging thing for trampoline mats long term.

SkyBound claims to double the life expectancy of an average trampoline mat, and one reason is the heavy stitching and heavy duty rings that connect the mat to the trampoline frame. Fraying and withered stitching is common around these parts. Going heavy-duty in these areas is a helpful feature.

All SkyBound trampolines include a spring tool, that assists in connecting the mat to the trampoline frame’s springs.

  • SunGuard material is designed to limit damage by harmful UV rays
  • Heavy duty stitching throughout
  • Reinforced steel rings for connecting the mat to the frame
  • Spring tool for easy installation
  • Extra bouncy
  • Fits most brands
  • Mat must be broken in some for ultimate bounce

Upper Bounce Trampoline Replacement Jumping Mat

Editor's Rating:

This trampoline mat uses a heavy duty propylene material with extra layers of stitching. It’s a thicker than other models, so it’s less likely to tear or rip from overuse. 

Thanks to the material it’s UV resistant, meaning the mat won’t weaken or fade in color due to sun exposure. Even the rings connecting this mat to the frame are heavy duty. They’re made of galvanized steel. They are not only very strong, it’s also resistant to rust and corrosion.

Upper Bounce set out to create a trampoline mat that above all, would last a long period of time. While it’s not the bounciest trampoline mat found in my guide, it’s one of the strongest and most durable.

  • Extra layers of stitching. Rips and tears, which are the main way trampoline mats fail, are much less likely to occur
  • UV resistant material. UV rays not only weaken a trampoline mat, but they also fade its color. This mat is UV resistant to prevent that
  • Heavy duty, galvanized steel rings
  • Water resistant
  • Not the ‘bounciest’ model
  • Stitching around rings isn’t as thick as the mat area

Upper Bounce Super Round Trampoline Safety Pad

Editor's Rating:

Although you can get by without a safety pad, the truth is your trampoline will be much more enjoyable and safe with one. A safety pad is designed to out along the outline of the trampoline, covering the metal springs. For one, this protects them against weather. 

Rusted springs are a common problem that can eventually ruin a trampoline and make it unusable. And two, it’s a safety matter. The exposed metal is painful, especially when jumping or landing on it. It’s also easy to slip and fall through, or off the side, which is equally painful and dangerous.

The Super Round Trampoline Safety Pad by Upper Bounce is made with a thick, ‘closed-cell’ foam that does not absorb water, is resistant to mold, and will not lose its shape. It fits tight and securely to the frame using tie down straps. Although a safety pad is considered a trampoline accessory, it’s basically a must-have. This is especially true if kids are using the trampoline.

  • High-density foam offers ample protection from scrapes or bruises
  • Form fit leaves no area unprotected
  • Prevents the elements from coming contact with metal springs
  • Shock absorbent
  • Water and mold resistant
  • Color fades over time
  • Installing can be tricky because of the tight fit

Replacement Trampoline Mat by Trampoline Pro

Editor's Rating:

This is another heavy duty model by Trampoline Pro. The calling card for this mat is surely the extra stitching around the sensitive outer area. The outer area, where the mat’s rings are sewn in, is generally the weakest part of a mat and is the first part to show signs of distress. 

Heavy stitching on the outside will actually increase overall lifespan of this mat, even in the center.

This is also a mat that is suited for all weather conditions. The Permatron material used is water and UV resistant, which are the two main trampoline killers. Basic V rings connect the mat to the trampoline frame.

  • Permatron material is UV, water, and fade resistant
  • Heavy duty stitching for extra support
  • Breathable mesh
  • High weight limit
  • Rings for connecting the mat to the frame/springs are a weak point

15ft JumpKing Premium Trampoline Mat with 96 V-Rings

Editor's Rating:

The JumpKing Premium Trampoline Mat is a thick, durable replacement mat for large trampolines. Ten layers of stitching make this mat very resistant to any fraying, tearing or ripping apart from overuse.

This mat also uses ‘SunGuard’ technology, to limit damage from harmful UV rays. The mat, made with Permatron, is water, mildew, and fungus resistant as well. It is surprising how little water it takes to find a dark, damp spot on a trampoline and turn into mold. If you live in an area of high humidity, or your yard is near a body of water, mold, and mildew is a legitimate concern with your trampoline mat.

The rings that connect this mat to the trampoline springs are ‘premium’ too, made with heavy duty steel. These sturdy rings backed up by extra stitching help increase the longevity of both the mat and the trampoline frame.

  • Ten layers of stitching prevents fraying or tearing, and supports a high weight limit
  • SunGuard treatment helps prevent UV damage
  • Permatron material is resistant to water, mildew, fungus, bacteria
  • Heavy duty rings for connecting mat to frame
  • Made for specific 15’ models, is not universal

What To Consider For When Buying A Trampoline Mat

Before you buy, consider this…

Your Previous Mat

The mats in this guide are regarded as some of the best on the market. It’s possible the trampoline you bought came with one of these mats, and you’d like to replace it with one of the same.

Either way, your previous mat will help guide you on your path to finding a new one. Trampoline mats are not one size fits all, as different trampolines have different amounts of springs. It’s a good idea to know the make and model of your previous mat. It can help guide you in your new purchase. Also, you may specifically dislike your old or current mat, so you’ll want to find something entirely different.

And there’s also a style factor. Each mat looks different, and you may want to find one that looks cool with your current frame. Some are ‘plain jane’ in design. Some have a big bright logo to remind you of who built them. Again, this part if the decision is based on your personal preferences.

Your Climate

As trampolines are mostly used outdoors, they are subject to whatever Mother Nature decides to unleash. Trampolines take a lot of abuse as is, and when you add in weather factors, it’s easy to see why some don’t last long. Knowing this, you’ll want to find a trampoline mat that is built to handle whatever type of weather is normal for your area.

For example, many trampoline mats featured in this guide area treated with SunGuard. SunGuard helps protect the mat from UV rays which can weaken the mat on a molecular level. This eventually causes enough damage to cause fraying or tearing. If you live in an area where your trampoline will be subject to harsh rays from the sun day after day, finding a mat with this sort of treatment is helpful.

In other cases, humidity may be your problem. If the mat isn’t water resistant, it’s susceptible to a whole different list of issues, like mildew, fungus, and bacteria. It’s not always practical or possible to cover your trampoline when it rains, so if you live in an area with a lot of moisture and humidity, it’s something to keep in mind.


The quality and quantity of a trampoline mat stitching play a large role in its strength and integrity. For the most part, more stitching = more strength, which means the mat is less likely to tear or rip/ Stiching also helps withstand environmental factors more easily. More stitching tends to separate higher and lower quality trampoline mats, as it has the biggest impact on how strong and bouncy a trampoline really is.

Stitching is important for not just the mat itself, but for the rings that connect the mat to the frame, too. This part of the mat is the weakest area because these stitches are responsible for bearing your weight every time you jump. As such, they’re often the first part to start showing wear and tear from. Sufficient stitching around the ring areas can nip this problem in the bud and add years of life to a trampoline mat.


The v-rings are stitched into the mat, and connect the trampoline mat to the springs which connect to the frame. As I said, when there’s one weak link on a trampoline, the whole thing suffers. So just as it’s important to have a strong mat, sturdy stitching, and a solid frame, the v-rings are just as important.

The best rings are made from galvanized steel, which is sturdy as well as rust and corrosion resistant. You can imagine the risk that compromised rings would cause. Out of all of the many trampoline components, the rings may be the most underrated. The best v-rings are made well enough to easily outlast the trampoline itself.

V-rings are not replaceable, as they come stitched right into the mat. For that reason, rings are pretty important. If they happen to fail, the entire mat must be replaced.

Making Your Decision

If you or your children love jumping on a trampoline, there’s nothing more important than having a high-quality mat. The best trampoline mat is bouncy, strong, and durable. Theoretically, they should last years, especially with proper care. But when it does come time to replace your trampoline mat, there are quite a few options on the table. First, figure out the size you need, then choose one of the high-quality mats above, and you can’t go wrong.

  • March 22, 2018
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