Best Trampoline with Basketball Hoop and Goal – A Buyers’ Guide

Trampoline is one of the most fun and wholesome physical activity that you can get in your backyard. It is a light form of exercise that does not put as much stress on your joints as jogging does, still gets your heartbeat racing. It improves your cardiovascular system, helps you in developing better motor skills. 

However much you love jumping and bouncing around aimlessly, it does get a tad bit boring after a while, especially if you have hyperactive kids who are always on to everything. Trampolines with basketball hoops are a great idea. They add a sort of direction to that frenzied jumping and helps hone your kids’ hoop and dunk skills.

Comparison of Top Trampolines with BasketBall Hoop




Weight Capacity

Editor's Rating

Our Review

JumpSport Elite


240 lbs

Skywalker Trampolines 



Springfree Trampoline


225 lbs

JumpSport Staged Action


230 lbs


JumpSport Elite Basketball 

Editor's Rating:

The Elite Basketball trampoline package has been designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of dunk dynamics for kids, and is great fun for adults as well. It is really easy to put together, is very reliable and safe, not to mention a great source of enjoyment for the entire family. The whole package consists of a trampoline, an Enclosure, and a JumpSport’s Proflex Basketball kit.

It uses their patented Staged bounce technology which has a combination of short and long V- rings that combine together to make a more gentle landing without any loss of the rebound. The frame is available in a dark blue finish and is made from pre-galvanized steel, is durable and rust resistant. The enclosure net is mounted internally. The hoop that comes with the package is cushioned to avoid any accidents while you enjoy.

It serves well and the one I got 2 years ago still looks new. Many of my friends have complained about their trampolines wearing down, as soon as after a few months of having bought them. Compared to their experience, I have been certainly far better off when it comes to quality.

Skywalker 15-Feet Jump N’ Dunk 

Editor's Rating:

This is one of the best trampoline set ups when it comes to structural stability. It uses t-bracket construction that ensures stability at every joint. There are no gaps, which can be tripped into, as their patented system attaches the jump mat and the net at every spring. 

The net itself is very durable, made of polyethylene which also gives UV protection so it lasts long. Both the net and the mat are tightly woven to give support and the mat is made from polypropylene, which provides excellent UV protection. The basket ball hoop and ball is built with cushy materials to avoid any injuries to your kids. This hoop is actually a very recent addition to the set, but it certainly does make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

All these products meet the safety standards set by ASTM and may even exceed them.

Springfree Trampoline – 13ft 

Editor's Rating:

In this world of technology and gadgets, how can your trampolining remain gizmo free? Tgoma is just the answer for that. It brings digital gaming to the outdoors, so now you can be playing a video game and still be out as well. 

This one has rightly been dubbed as a ‘smart trampoline’ to accompany your smartphones and smart TVs and smart what not. Tgoma interactive game system converts your regular old trampoline into a digital gaming system. Above 10 games and apps are loaded into it. You can leave the trampoline ou in all kinds of weathers without any worries. The mat of this trampoline is designed springfree and this enables it to absorb 30 times greater impact than the padding itself.

The model has a structural load capacity of 1100 pounds and has the jumping weight capacity of 220 lbs. The total package will provide you with a S155 Springfree trampoline, a tgoma digital game system, a basketball hoop and a ladder.

The rods are made from composite fiberglass and the frame is of galvanized steel, along with polypropylene mats and nets which are resistant to UV radiation. There are interactive and learning games for kids and pre-teens, Fitness apps for the adults and other highly energetic games for everyone. This one offers everything- safety, technology and fun, all rolled into one.

JumpSport Staged Action Basketball 

Editor's Rating:

This is a comparatively new model, model 380 to be precise. It has quite some new and exciting features that set it apart from its predecessors. The model is 14 feet high and has the same patented staged bounce technology as the one discussed n this article earlier. 

The frame is sturdy and heavy duty, made using cold rolled steel, which has a diameter of 1.8 inches. One of the most exciting and unique feature that it has is its overlapping entry. Other accessories such as the hoop, basketball, and the frame are same as the previous model.

The product dimensions are 72 in X 8 in 19 in and weighs up to 137 pounds. It can accommodate a weight of up to 230 lbs. Because of the staged bounce technology, in which only 50% of the springs engage on impact and the rest a fraction of a second later, this makes your fall better and there is less impact on your joints and bone structure. Another important feature is the “DD” sure Lok sure technology that prevents the enclosure frame from twisting or turning on use. This trampoline has many patented safety features and is definitely worth its salt.

Features of Trampoline Basketball Hoops

They are more or less just like ordinary basketball hoops, with certain tweaks here and there that make them more suitable for trampolines and small children who are the majority of the targeted consumer. Some of the primary features are:

  • They can flex on contact to absorb the shock, the hoop absorbs the impact and prevents injuries. The hoops are even covered with foam for added protection.
  • They come preassembled, ready to be installed with the trampoline.
  • They are made along the dimensions of mini basketball, so the balls, the hoops- everything is smaller than the regular size.

Advantages of Having A Basketball Trampoline

  • They help in developing better motor skills, balance and coordination among all body parts.
  • They help in developing basketball skills early in childhood.
  • They make the regular old trampoline, much more fun and interactive.
  • It makes you want to go out and exercise.
  • In case you are a not so fit adult like me who had dreams of enthralling the audience with his jam, no more worries because now you can dunk away to glory without the risk of severe physical injuries.
  • It is super-cool. I cannot stress this enough. You will have to try it to believe it.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying

Make yourself sure of the longevity of the model you are purchasing. Use customer reviews and suggestions in helping you pick a model that would serve you more.

Safety is the most prominent feature. Don’t be lured into buying cheap products that do not meet the safety standards set up by ATSM.

A trampoline with a basketball hoop attached sees even more activity than the regular ones. Make sure yours has the sturdy structure to take the strain.

If you already have a trampoline at home, you can look for basketball hoops that come separately as accessory. But if you are buying a new one, it is highly recommended that you get one with its own hoops, as trying to figure out which hoop is compatible with what kind of trampoline frame is a bit of a hassle that can be avoided easily.

Make sure that the trampoline has a high jumping weight capacity, as in the case of young adults, there might be more than one jumper on the trampoline.


Trampolines are a fun new way of getting exercise and being fit, as well as an age old tried and tested method to keep the kids active and healthy. Of course, you need to be super careful around them, especially when kids are involved and should, therefore, make sure that your set up is completely safe to use. Accidents are bound to happen, so one should be vigilant and prepared, however, it does not mean that you should completely lay off the idea. A few bumps and scratches make for good memories later. DO NOT ever compromise on the quality of your trampoline just for saving a few bucks.

Trampolines that are slightly expensive, but purchasing from a trusted manufacturer give you more value for money as well as safety. Also, while shelling out on a simple trampoline, you should definitely spend a bit more and upgrade to one with added benefits, such as a basketball kit. Although hoops and balls can be bought separately, the hassle of getting the perfect size and fit is not worth it. It will not only be much more fun but will also give a boost to your child’s motor skills and dunking capacity.

  • January 6, 2018
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