Best Water Trampoline in 2018 – A Guide with Reviews

Bouncers provide the same fun as a trampoline, but with an added twist: they float on water! Sounds awesome, right? Water bouncers have become a favorite summer activity, so it’s no surprise you are here looking for the best one. First, I’ll explain a little more about them.

While they look and are thought of as trampolines, technically they are not the same as their landlocked cousins. While both trampolines and water trampolines use springs to connect to the jumping surface, bouncers do not. Bouncers connect directly to their frame. Bouncers may be slightly less bouncy than water trampolines, but they are both great fun. Being slightly less springy, bouncers are great for lounging.

If you live near the water, it’s hard to beat a day relaxing on the boat or the beach. A nice water trampoline or bouncer is fun for the whole family and puts a twist on classic water activities.

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Weight Capacity

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Rave O-Zone Plus


240 lbs

Rave Sports Splash Zone Plus


75 lbs

RAVE Sports Bongo 


75 lbs

Island Hopper Turtle Hop

Island Hopper

350 lbs

Island Hopper 15′ “Classic

Island Hopper


Rave O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer (White/Blue)

Editor's Rating:

This bouncer by Rave is a great example of a bouncer that kids would love. It’s a bouncer, not a trampoline, so it’s more stable of a jumping surface. It’s made with a tough, thick vinyl that’s resistant to stress and tearing. The material gives you confidence that it can hold up to any punishment it might take.

I noted that kids would enjoy this and one reason is the boarding area. It’s an easy, quick way of getting on this bouncer after a big jump off. A stable platform is a nice way to boost a youngsters confidence. It’s also a sturdy area to hold onto while floating in the water if you just need to catch your breath.

This bouncer also has a built-in slide. When you consider the slide and the boarding area, this bouncer is almost like a jungle gym on the water. For kids, this water trampoline would be a solid source of exercise.

  • Boarding area for easy access
  • Heavy duty vinyl construction
  • Slide
  • Easy assembly
  • Takes a while to inflate

Rave Sports Splash Zone Plus

Editor's Rating:

Consider this bouncer the big brother of the O-Zone Plus. It’s another high-quality bouncer made with commercial grade vinyl. The vinyl is UV treated so that it can handle the sun year after year. It’s durable and strong enough for people of any size, children or adults.

The heavy duty construction extends throughout the trampoline. The galvanized steel frame, springs, and V-rings make this vessel tough enough to handle saltwater or freshwater. Although, it’s just as comfortable at a dock in a quiet lake or pond.

Like the other Rave bouncer, this too has a convenient boarding platform. It makes getting up to the jumping or lounge area easy. It also has a slide and inflatable log for extra fun, making this more than just a bouncer.

  • Commercial grade vinyl can stand up to the whole family
  • Heavy duty frame
  • UV treated to prevent sun damage
  • Boarding platform
  • Slide
  • Must be inflated at body of water due to size

RAVE Sports Bongo Water Bouncer

Editor's Rating:

The grandfather of all the Rave bouncers, the Sports Bongo is a sight to behold. This is what you think of when you hear water trampoline or bouncer. A large, circular platform that can comfortably handle the family. It’s a nice platform that mixes bounciness with firmness.

Like all products from Rave, the Sports Bongo Water Bouncer is made with craftsmanship. UV-treated vinyl is heat-welded for maximum strength. It still maintains a lightness and is easy to maneuver. Setup also proved to be simple, with not much being necessary besides inflating and deflating.

This bouncer, like the others, has a ladder too. But the Sports Bongo takes it up a notch. It uses an aluminum ladder for enhanced support. It’s a very stable way to get on and off the bouncer. The steps extend into the water to make it easier to get a solid footing.

Other attachments sold separately can enhance this bouncer even more.

  • For the whole family
  • High quality materials and parts
  • Stainless steel ladder for easy access
  • Inflates and deflates efficiently
  • Not as bouncy as some models

Island Hopper Turtle Hop Water Bouncer – 13 ft

Editor's Rating:

Island Hopper joins the party with their very respectable water bouncer. It’s very well made with tough PVC and heat-welded seams. It has some extra bounce compared to other bouncers as well. Oh, one more thing..this bouncer is shaped into a giant turtle! When this bouncer is inflated, the turtle legs and head also inflate. It creates a gigantic turtle raft. 

It’s a fun twist on a classic design. Imagine the look on a young turtle lover’s face if they saw this on their birthday.

Since it uses no metal or springs, it can pack up for storage or transport quickly. Ease of use for families was a goal in mind during the creation of this product. Even without a heavy metal frame, there is no questioning this bouncer’s fortitude.

One of my favorite features of this bouncer is the rope ladder. It’s sturdy and safe to use without occupying too much space or looking bulky. It hangs on the side without drawing too much attention.

  • Unique turtle shape
  • High-quality materials
  • Packs up easily
  • Sleek rope ladder
  • Use on water or land
  • Jumping mat is stiff

Island Hopper 15′ “Classic” Water Trampoline

Editor's Rating:

Island Hopper raised the bar even further with their ‘Classic’ water trampoline. From top to bottom, this water trampoline was made precision and quality. Starting with the commercial grade vinyl and multiple chambers. Now throw in a galvanized steel frame. The mat is even burst resistant. It’s hard to make them better than this.

It has a built-in ladder as well. There are handles placed all over this trampoline, so it’s easy to access from any side. Due to the large size of this Island Hopper, these handles come in handy often.

Since this is a water trampoline and not a bouncer, it has springs. Like the frame, the springs are galvanized steel. A UV resistant pad covers them to prevent anyone falling on them. It is the bounciest of the bunch, closely replicating what a normal trampoline feels like.

  • Commercial grade materials
  • Water trampoline style
  • Solid ladder and handles
  • UV resistant protective pad
  • Cumbersome to pack and unpack

Choosing Your Water Trampoline or Bouncer

These awesome toys come with a grown-up price tag, so of course you want to find the best one for you. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your water trampoline or bouncer.

Type: Water Trampoline or Bouncer

As I stated in the beginning, these two are not the same thing. Very similar, but still different. Trampolines use springs, and bouncers connect right to the frame. What’s this mean for you? Well, trampolines are generally more bouncier because of their springs. Bouncers tend to be stiffer. That’s not a bad thing, as bouncers make great places to lounge in the sun. Do you want to do more lounging or jumping?

This often comes down to kids vs. parents. Obviously, the kids want to jump as high as they can and jump far off the trampoline. Parents are usually content to limit jumping while they kick back and soak up a sun tan.


Better materials go a long way in determining how long a product will hold up. For a water trampoline, it is important to have a quality mat and springs. The better they are, the longer they last and resist damage. For the mat, this means UV treated, commercial grade vinyl. The springs will preferably be made with galvanized steel. Water, especially salt water, is very corrosive and damaging. Low-quality parts and materials won’t make a long lasting product when it comes to water trampolines. With these higher quality materials, a little goes a long way in ensuring that the trampoline is alive and well for many years. Replacing worn out parts every summer is not fun, plus it is expensive.


Keep in mind, once you have a water trampoline or bouncer, people will want to use it. And why wouldn’t they? It’s awesome fun. With that being said, you want to find one that is big enough. It should be able to support your normal crew. For some, that’s one or two small children. For others, it’s teenagers. Each group would have very different wants and requirements from their water trampoline or bouncer.

As they increase in size, water trampolines and bouncers tend to become plainer in design. In order to remain rigid and sturdy, they do away with attachments and non-essential parts. For water trampolines and bouncers, bigger is not always better. The bigger the trampoline, the more space it occupies. They will also be heavier and harder to move around. Getting one that is too big is just as bad as one too small.


Let’s face it, looks matter. And you want to find a trampoline that you like to look at long term. Each one on this guide looks much different than the rest. They certainly come in all shapes and sizes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so each one of us will pick a different trampoline for this criteria. And if you really like turtles, you are in luck.


Water trampolines, especially the larger models, can be heavy and clumsy to deal with. When shopping around, consider whether one product is easier to set up than others. It may not seem like much now, but when the end of the season comes, it will be important. We’ve all dealt with the frustration of trying to force something back into its box. Having a water trampoline that is easy to assemble will save time, energy, and hassle.

Assembly also refers to inflating and deflating them. Generally this is the most time-consuming aspect of the whole process. To speed it up, a quality air compressor goes a long way. Some models come with one included, some do not.

Built-In Features

Nowadays, more bouncers and water trampolines have extras that make them a bit more than just their normal selves. These minor add-ons can make a significant change. Most come with either a ladder or a boarding area. This makes accessing the actual trampoline much easier. Also, many bouncers come with additional handles to make sure there is always somewhere to grab onto.

You can also consider a slide as a feature. Many water trampolines come with one included, and they are great for kids. Usually, the bigger models do not include slides.

Then ask yourself it there is a built in spot for your anchor to hang from. If you are planning to use your water trampoline in a lake or river, you’ll want to prevent it from drifting away. An anchor of some sort comes in handy.

Can I Use This On Land?

Some water trampolines work just fine on dry land, as do some bouncers. It’s something to consider, especially for those who may not live very close to a body of water. Of course, check with the manufacturer to see if it’s suitable for dry land. If the water is too rough, just pull that trampoline onto land and you’re back in business. As long as the vinyl bottom is protected, most water trampolines can handle it no problem.

Final Verdict

Water trampolines and bouncers are a great way to have fun, get some sun and a little exercise too. There are options big and small, from kid sized models to some that can support a group of adults. If you are looking for something fun and new for this summer, you can’t beat a water trampoline.

  • March 22, 2018
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