Fun Trampoline Games for Kids of All Ages

Let’s face it, children prefer staying at home slouched over a laptop or hunched over a console more than going outside and engaging in fun activities. Especially during summer, when the air is warm and the sun is shining, it pains to see a child sitting indoors and playing video games on the computer instead of going out and playing actual games. There is, however, one thing which can be done so that your kids go out to play without you asking them to, and that is by installing a great trampoline.

Installing a trampoline is not enough; you have to teach them how to do it. You can go out on the trampoline and show them how fun it is for them to play on it on a regular basis. Only simple bouncing around the trampoline is a full blown exercise, one that burns seventy percent more calories than by simple jogging. It can even burn around one thousand calories in an hour. The best part about this entire thing is that your children won’t even realize they are exercise, as for them this is a perfect playtime experience that is all fun and no pain. This is bound to have a great positive effect in your children’s health in the longer run.

Trampoline games are good for developing body control and muscle coordination and boosts movement skills, making your kids more agile. Many athletes, specially gymnasts and acrobats, practice their moves on the trampoline. However, trampolines are a source of head injuries and spine fractures which can be reduced with the help of enclosures and safety nets.

While bouncing around may seem fun, a kid might get tired of it quickly, so switching up the routine with some fun trampoline games will keep the routine fresh and hold the attention of the children longer. Unlike adults, kids can keep bouncing on the trampoline for hours, which gives them a lot of opportunities to just experiment with different games and have their own playstyles. Here is a list of trampoline games that are interesting and fun for your children to enjoy.

  1. Trampoline Ring Around the Rosy: This is a simple game and a classic one. All you need to do is to have all the jumpers on the trampoline hold hand and jump around the circle, chanting the famous “ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies.” Each person can decide how the fall should be conducted, for example, whether it should be a bottom drop, knee drop, or backward drops. You can add a small prize to complete the challenge. This is a game that is recommended for children older than two and can be done in groups of minimum three people.
  2. Trampoline Crossfire: This is an edited version of dodgeball for trampolines. It required two people to be on the trampoline while the rest are on the ground, surrounding the trampoline. The participants on the ground must throw a soft ball at the jumpers on the trampoline. If they are successful in hitting the jumper on the trampoline with the ball, they must switch places. The player on the ground earns points if they successfully manage to tag the jumper on the trampoline, and the player with the most points win. This game can be played by children above the ages of 8 with at least 6 people playing at the same time.
  3. Classic Hot Potato: There must at least be four jumpers on the trampoline, all above the ages of 5. All players should be jumping continuously on the trampoline while throwing a ball between the players. Anyone who manages to drop the ball while passing between themselves will be eliminated. This game can continue till there is only one player left on the trampoline. It is a fun, activity filled game that can be played for hours without getting tired.
  4. Crack the egg: This is an interesting game that can be played by children above the ages of 5. One player will have to sit in the middle while other players will jump and circle him or her on the trampoline. The player sitting in the middle will have her knees drawn to the chest and arms around them. He or she will try to hold the position until the player cracks, that is, let goes of the arms around. This game requires at least 3 players to play.
  5. Marco Polo: This game requires a minimum of three players and can be played at all ages starting from five. The person sitting in the middle will close their eyes. The other players will spread out on the trampoline in a quiet manner. The person in the center then counts to ten, and once they reach it, then can stand up, eyes still closed, and try to tag the other person. If the player in the middle calls out “Marco” the others must respond by saying “Polo”. The person who was tagged has be the next person in the center, and therefore the person the middle can take his place. This can be a great way to spend a summer afternoon outdoors.
  6. Simon Says: This is a simple game that is guaranteed to make your children sweat and kill some time. To play this game, one kid will have to outside the trampoline, and the others have to be inside. The child outside will have to yell instructions at the player inside, taking the role of “Simon”, and the players will have to perform the instructions clearly. For example, if Simon says to jump twice and stop, they will have to follow the instructions or lose the game. This can be played by children above the ages of five and a minimum of three players must be present.
  7. Attack the castle: To play this game, the players, must be divided into two teams. One team will be outside while the other will be on the trampoline. The players on the trampoline will have to elect a King. The players outside will try to hit the king with a ball while the others try to block their attacks. The castle is declared down when the king has been hit twice. This can be played by children above the ages of five with a minimum of six players.

You can use this time to play and bond with your children, and even burn a few calories on the way. Trampolines are fun and useful and you should definitely consider investing in one for hours of fun filled activities.

  • June 4, 2017
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