How to Avoid the Most Common Trampoline Injuries

Everyone loves to have a fun time on the trampoline. It is a good family activity that can be enjoyed in your own backyard, does not take much effort apart from the first installation, and is enjoyed by everyone alike. However, injuries can take out the fun out of it really fast. Injuries in any kind of outdoor activities are sort of inevitable. And not all injuries are bad; all adults have childhood scars, which are memory of the fun times. However most of such injuries can be avoided. And it is advised that you maintain some basic precautions which will help you in having a more joyful and less painful experience.

Facts about Trampoline Injuries

  • Most of the injuries happen when there is more than one jumper. The chances of injury increase significantly because of multiple jumpers because not everyone can control their jump and rebound. And syncing their movements is something very tricky. It takes professionals lots of practice to do that stuff, and amateurs should stay away from it.
  • The injury rate is higher in younger children, as compared to older ones. It decreases by about 30-40% in the age group of 5-14, than in the age group of 0-4. Parents of younger kids need to be exceptionally careful while leaving their wards with these play things.
  • Having enclosures is not the sure hot way of preventing injuries. There have been reports of children falling off and getting injured despite of it.

How to Prevent Trampoline Injuries

  • As mentioned in this article, maximum no. of injuries happen because of multiple jumpers. Never leave your kids unsupervised when a trampoline is involved. Make the siblings take equal turns on the trampoline. Do not allow multiple jumpers on any condition. Educate your children about the possible harms of such exercise.
  • Avoid additional height of the trampoline. Most of the injuries happen because of falls from the trampoline. If you place it on a rased platform, you increase the fall by a feet or two. Kids at an average jump around 10 to 12 feet. At such height, every added feet increases the chance of injury exponentially.
  • Place the trampoline around a soft area. If you have a soft patch of grass in your backyard, then that is an added bonus. If not, you might want to think of investing in a trampoline pad which can be placed around the trampoline. The mat serves as a safe landing area. This measure cannot be ignored. When jumping on a trampoline, falling is bound to happen. No amount of preventive measures can stop it. The best preparation against it is to make sure that the surrounding surface is not too hard.
  • Install enclosure net. Not all trampolines come with enclosure nets. So it is advised o invest in one that has a net. In case you already have a trampoline, you might want to get an enclosure net separately. However I want to state that an enclosure net does not reduce the chance of injuries by 100%. Enclosure nets only prevent the falls off the trampoline. However injuries can be sustained by falling or hitting against the frame also. The spring area is also a major risk zone. Enclosures do not provide safety against the frame and the spring area, hence people have a mixed opinion regarding getting an enclosure for their trampoline. However my personal experience has made me realize that you can never be too cautious when it comes to trampoline safety when little kids are involved. I would advise everyone to get an enclosure, but it depends on your discretion.
  • When setting up your trampoline, do not skip on the spring protector. It not only prevents the corrosion of the springs from external factors. But also baby proofs the area. A high no. of injuries occurs because of falling on the spring or getting pieces of clothing or body parts stuck on the springs. All trampolines come with spring protectors and they are fairly easy to install. You should also check periodically if the spring protector is coming lose or such.
  • Regular examinations are a must. You should periodically check your trampoline for damage or loose parts. Lots of accidents happen when the springs get damaged due to exposure to environmental elements, and break own during a jumping session. You should be exceptionally careful if you are using your trampoline after a significant gap. Make yourself sure that every part is secure and nothing is loose. Do not let the kids mount the trampoline unless and until you are completely satisfied about your inspection. Even in regular use, you should not let it remain uninspected for long. And in case you get suspicious of a noise or anything out of the ordinary, immediately get the kids off the trampoline and check the cause.
  • Never leave the kids unsupervised. Although in today’s busy age, for many parents the main aim of getting toys is so that their kids will get busy and they can enjoy some alone time. Trampolines are not to be counted in the categories of such toys. However safely you might have set up your trampoline, with a enclosure and padding and spring protectors, the chance of injury is never reduced to nil. Not only that, the one player at a time rule can ever be enforced without strict supervision. Being around the kids while they play on trampoline also helps you in treating an accident quickly and effectively. If you are out of reach when a fall occurs, especially one involving broken bones, the penalty would be heavy for you and your kids.
  • Being around when your kids play on the trampoline can also help you in judging and as a result avoiding injuries. For the person on the trampoline, judging his movement and direction is not very easy, however an observer can easily see if the jumper is leaning more towards one side, or being prone to a wrong angle of rebound. You can thus warn the children if you observe such a thing and can prevent many injuries this way.


Vigilance is of extreme importance when dealing with trampolines and kids. You might think of it as tiring and taxing on your energy when you just want to enjoy a day off; but believe me, nothing is worth the pain you and your child would be in case of a grave accident. Many people consider trampolines a high risk toy and never bother getting one. However I believe that with a few precautions and awareness, there is no reason why you should keep yourself or your kids away from this wonderful activity.

  • June 6, 2017
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