Urban Rebounder Trampoline Review – A Thorough Look

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Rebounders, which are essentially mini trampolines, offer an excellent way to stay active with the benefit of causing minimal wear and tear on your knees, feet, and back. Although, it isn’t as simple as just jumping up and down – there are entire routines based on full body workouts using a rebounder. In fact, any exercise that can be done on a hard surface can be done on a rebounder – with less stress on your joints.

Rebounding does have a few benefits that separate it from traditional exercise methods, beyond the fact that it offers less stress on your joints. Increased lymphatic circulation, by stimulating the millions of one-way valves in the lymphatic system, helps to protect and strengthen the immune system. This process also jump starts the cleansing of damaged and aging cells throughout the bloodstream.

For those looking to get or stay fit, rebounding offers a fun workout that offers real tangible results. Like with most fitness equipment, shopping for a rebounder can present a few challenges. Is the product safe? Does it live up to its claims? Which brand and model best suit my personal goals? I’ve decided to review the Urban Rebounder Trampoline to answer some of these questions.

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The Urban Rebounder does offer quite a few features and distinctions that make it a solid product. Here are some of the most positive aspects I found.


This rebounder can be configured in two different positions – flat, or elevated. This works by simply adjusting the legs to create an incline of your liking.  Both offer a great workout, but a slight elevation will make the workout even more challenging. The elevated position is a great way to finish an intense workout, or can be used all the time for those with a high level of fitness. If you’ve ever walked on an elevated treadmill, you will understand the added difficulty that even a small elevation can provide.

Easily stored

As the name Urban suggests, this is a product designed to be suitable for the tighter living quarters of city living. The Urban Rebounder can be broken down into multiple smaller pieces, easily fitting into a closet or under your bed. The trampoline itself folds, and the legs are detachable. With the legs tucked away and the mat folded, the unit is a fraction of it’s fully assembled size.

Simple assembly 

Part of what makes this rebounder so easy to store is what makes it so easy to assemble. The mat and springs come pre-assembled and connected to the frame, which is usually the most time-consuming aspect of setting up a trampoline. Installation involves simply unfolding and locking the trampoline’s frame, then snapping the adjustable legs in place. Within a few minutes of unboxing, the Urban Rebounder is ready for use.

In fact, the simple, pre-assembled design is one of the main reasons why the Urban Rebounded has grown in popularity. Assembling a trampoline from scratch can be complicated, and often requires multiple people or special tools.

High quality design

This rebounder is well made, with sturdy, strong and durable materials. Urban uses military grade steel, instead of aluminum, for their trampoline legs and frame.robust enough to support a good workout, while being light enough to be moved around the house and stored with ease. Steel was a nice touch, and it gives you that confidence to jump and run about without always fearing something breaking. The mat feels just as solid, without any areas that are dramatically more or less elastic than the rest.

Minor noise pollution

The leg’s rubber feet add extra stability and a bit of padding between the legs and the floor.  These high quality materials also mean this trampoline is less likely to be squeaky and noisy during use. The rubber feet also do a good job of preventing scuffs or marks on sensitive floors.

Workout anywhere, at any time

The Urban Rebounder, with its simple design, can be packed up and moved from room to room, or even the outdoors. Changing your environment is a great way to break up the day to day monotony of working out. It’s much easier to move than non-folding rebounders.

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It’s still a tough workout

While rebounding does offer a fun and unique workout, a few minutes of jumping a day won’t change your life. Consistency is vital, and rebounding isn’t a magic tool for fitness. To get the most out of this product, you’ll have to approach your rebounder workouts with the same intensity as you would approach jogging, weight lifting, etc. To be fair, there are quite a few rebounder workout routines built for all types of fitness goals, so there’s no shortage of new and interesting workouts to try.

Spring system

Some rebounders use bungee cords to connect the jumping mat to the frame itself. Urban Rebounder uses steel springs, made with the same steel as the frame and legs. Some people simply prefer the look and sound of bungee cords rather than springs. For most, this is simply a cosmetic issue. Some even prefer a steel spring design because of it’s strength.

The Bottom Line

What I enjoyed most about this product was how quickly it could be packed and unpacked whenever I wanted to get in some rebound therapy. When folded, I was quite surprised at how little room it took up, comfortably fitting underneath my living room couch or tucked inside my average sized closet. When floor space is at a premium, it can be hard to convince yourself to utilize it with exercise equipment, regardless of the potential benefits.

With that being said, this rebounder didn’t feel too small or compact, with plenty of mat space to incorporate an effective workout. For being a foldable unit, it’s surprisingly stable.

The Urban Rebounder more than adequately lives up to its name. Urban did a nice job of making a sturdy, well built rebounder that’s also easily moved and stored. Often, companies try to do both, with one part of the equation suffering. The ability to create multiple degrees of incline is also a nice touch, not often soon in foldable, compact rebounders.

  • February 24, 2018
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