Zupapa Trampoline – Extensive Review in 2018

Zupapa Trampolines is a renowned brand in the trampoline world, known for making high-quality products. Zupapa is a German brand, and every one of their trampolines meets TUV approval. TUV stands for Technischer Uberwachungs-Verein, which translates to Technical Inspection Association. It’s a German company that inspects consumer products to ensure safety for humans and the environment. Their approval isn’t given to anyone. The TUV badge approval adds even more credibility to this product.

Upon seeing this trampoline in person, you can see and feel why it earned such high praise. From the ground up, each piece is made with heavy-duty and high-quality materials. Starting with the frame, which is made with galvanized German steel. The galvanizing process ensures that the metal will be impervious to moisture, staying rust and corrosion free for many years. Having rust and corrosion resistant steel pays off years down the line. Usually, rust is usually a death sentence for trampolines. When rust starts to build and spread, structural integrity goes away. Next thing you know, our trampoline becomes a safety hazard.

The Zupapa Trampoline is one of many full size trampolines on the market. And while it does have some name recognition, there’s a lot of questions you probably have about this trampoline and everything it includes. As an avid trampoliner myself, I wanted to give the Zupapa Trampoline a try. After giving this trampoline a go, here’s what I found.


Here are a few of the standout features that make this trampoline a good choice.

Heavy Duty Structure – Like I said before, this trampoline uses the best materials for a sturdy and long lasting product. The frame and springs are both made of heavy duty, galvanized German steel. We all know steel is strong, but since it’s galvanized, it resistant to rust and corrosion. Having galvanized springs is a nice touch. Springs are usually the first victim of rust or corrosion damage. The mat is even heavy duty. It’s made with UV resistant material that won’t weaken from sun damage.

Safety – You can also tell Zupapa put an emphasis on safety with their design. The trampoline has foam padding throughout, with a thick foam encasing the steel frame, and a thinner foam that completely covers the springs. Those of us who grew up with old-school trampolines know how the bruising and scratching that can happen from landing on the harsh metal springs or frame. The net extends to the top of the frame. The frame and net use extra tall poles, creating a nice barrier even for the highest of jumps.

Full Set – While most trampolines have plenty of accessories and add-ons available for purchase, Zupapa decided to just include everything in one package. When you order a trampoline, you get much more, including: a safety enclosure, ladder, shoe bag, and rain cover. The ladder is a very helpful add-on. It makes entering the trampoline easier and safer, especially for younger children. A rain cover is also something you rarely see included in other models, but it will extend the trampoline’s lifespan if used regularly. The cover has convenience too, blocking out fallen leaves, pine cones, and bugs. The shoe bag is almost a necessity if you have kids.  It helps limiting them from jumping on the trampoline with shoes on. These are indeed accessories, but they will be used so often they could be considered necessities.

Assembly – For a heavy duty trampoline like this, my first thought was “putting this together is going to be a pain in the butt”. But this wasn’t the case. It doesn’t require any power tools, and some of the parts actually come pre-assembled. With the help of a friend, it took about two hours. From unboxing until it was fully assembled, the process was pretty simple for a trampoline this size.
Extra Bouncy – Of course, trampolines are all about jumping, so the mat is one of the most important aspects. But not all trampoline mats are created equal. Zupapa uses a UV resistant mat that’s durable.  It also features Zupapa’s ‘super stretch’ for extra stretch and strength. A stretchier mat is more comfortable to jump on. It’s also more resistant to stretching or tearing.


I like this trampoline a lot. Although, there is something negative that stuck out.

Safety Net Zipper – All things considered, this trampoline is made very well with quality materials. But the one part that didn’t seem up to par was the zipper on the net. It has a tendency to get stuck, and it doesn’t slide up and down very smoothly. It’s not a huge deal. But if the zipper gets stuck high up, it sort of defeats the purpose by leaving an open hole where someone could potentially fall through.

Greasy Parts – Again, this is something minor, but worth mentioning. Some of the pieces, like the springs and support poles, came with grease on them. Most likely, it was done to prevent the pieces from moisture or damage during shipping. But it gets all over your hands and is messy. A quick cleaning with a degreaser will take care of this.

The Bottom Line

What I enjoyed most about the Zupapa Trampoline is how secure and durable it feels while using it. There’s a noticeable difference between this and lower quality models that are felt when using it. Specifically, the heavy duty frame and mat construction. It feels like something a professional would use. There’s very little movement, and no creaking from the support poles, like some other models. The weight rating is also suitable for multiple jumpers because of the ‘super stretch’ mat that bounces well and is resistant to wear and tear.

If you are looking for a full-size trampoline that can handle the whole family, you can’t go wrong with this Zupapa. From top to bottom, it oozes craftsmanship and quality. And when consider the ladder, cover and everything else included, you can see why this trampoline earned the approval of TUV and many satisfied customers.

  • March 22, 2018
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